Along   with   Councils   of   Voluntary   Service   (Lewis   Harris   and   Uist),   in   the   Western   Isles   in   we   have   established   the   Western   Isles   Citizens Advice   Bureau   and   the   Western   Isles   Volunteer   Centre.   We   work   in   close   partnership   with   other   voluntary   sector   groups   and   support   new and   evolving   services   in   the   area   of   Care   in   the   Community,   community   Transport,   community   and   Statutory   Partnership   working.   High   on the agenda is the Community Health Partnerships and Shared Services Development.   Training   We   co-ordinate   a   wide   range   of   training   opportunities   for   community   groups   eg   first   aid   at   Work   (Basic   and   four   day)   for   all organisations   in   the   community;   to   support   SVQ   in   Care   for   Cobhair   Bharraigh   (Day   Care   and   home   Support   );   computerised   Accounting for Social enterprises; Basic Health and safety, Manual Handling Etc; Management and committee responsibilities;   For   Community   Radio:   For   training,   and   equipment   and   licences   to   operate   community   radio,   initially   using   the   internet   and   the   website   to broad cast programmes but aiming to develop the service to link in with Western Isles community radio such as Isles FM.   Community Transport - Bus Bharraidh For   many   years   Voluntary   Action   Barra   has   been   running   an   accessible,   door   to   door   transport   scheme   to   meet   the   needs   of   community Care   organisations,   youth   clubs   youth   cafes   and   evening   transport. This   transport   scheme   is   complimentary   to   the   Public   Bus   services   and provides a flexible accessible approach to transport needs in a small island community.     We   now   operate   two   vehicles,   a   Mercedes   sprinter   with   tail   lift   and   took   delivery   of   the   low   floor   Tucana   in   May   2008.   These   vehicles provide   day   and   evening   services   to   the   community.   Employing   two   to   four   people,   we   provide   transport   and   escorts   to   Day   Care   for Alzheimer's   and   frail   elderly   (   Cobhair   Bharraigh),   transport   for   day   care   to   St   Brendan's   Home   for   Social   Work   Dept,   Transport   for   the OFTTI   project   for   clients   with   special   needs   and   for   the   Adult   learners.   We   provide   pensioners   shopping   and   trips   out,   Pensioners   Club. We   also   provide   transport   for   Youth Activities,   the   Youth   Café,   the   youth   Club,   social   events   for   all   ages,   Dances   and   discos.   Transport   is also provided for evening classes and we are seeking to develop transport for after school activities.

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