Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisation

The    Scottish    Council    for    Voluntary    Organisations    (SCVO)    is    the    national    body    for    Scotland's    charities,    voluntary organisations and social enterprises. SCVO   works   in   partnership   with   the   voluntary   sector   to   advance   our   shared   values   and   interests.      We   have   over   1300 members   who   range   from   individuals   and   grassroots   groups,   to   Scotland-wide   organisations   &   intermediary   bodies. Through    lobbying    &    campaigning    SCVO    works    to    advance    the    interests    of    our    members    and    the    people    and communities that they support. Delivering services Everyday   more   organisations   realise   the   benefits   of   being   Stronger Together   by   using   our   shared   services   and   business support.   Whether   that   is   through   providing   a   payroll   service   to   voluntary   organisations   or   managing   a   consortium   to create   thousands   of   jobs   for   young   people   across   the   Scottish   voluntary   sector,   SCVO   delivers   services   which   help organisations across the country continue to do what they do best. Comhairle 4 Community There   are   over   2500   funding   schemes   that   community   groups   in   the   Comhairle   area   are   eligible   for   from   EU,   national, regional   and   local   sources.   Your   ability   to   access   individual   schemes   depends   on   the   nature   of   your   organisation   and the   activities   it   is   engaged   in.      The   Comhairle   have   chosen   to   work   with   j4b   plc,   a   European   leader   in   providing   funding information,   to   give   community   organisations   access   to   a   free   to   use   community   funding   portal   -   Open4Community. Open4Community gives access to: 60 second funding search or category browse for easy and quick access 24 hour update for comprehensive funding information Full scheme & contact details linking you directly to funding providers Local information, support and contact details to help your organisation meet is potential Local news bulletins on community issues in your area

Community Toolkit

Welcome   to   your   Community Toolkit   Just   getting   started   -   or   already   involved   in   running   a   community   group   or   project   in Scotland?   The   Community   Toolkit   gives   you   access   to   all   the   essential   tools   for   success   -   helping   you   to   be   legally compliant   -   and   ready   to   respond   to   change   when   you   need   to.   To   find   what   you   are   looking   for   simply   click   on   one   of the links below or use the Toolkit A to Z.resource
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